Lumiloop “Laser-powered 3D E-Field probes, multi-channel power meter, optically-powered sensor communication system to replace shielded cables, batteries and transformers.

Therefore a laser is used as the light source. Via glass fibers optical energy is led to a solar cell where again it is transformed into electrical energy.

A specially self-developed microchip (ASIC) connects the sensors with the optical system. An also self-designed optical package is used to connect the sensors to the fiber cables. Thereby all common types of fiber cables are supported. In combination maximally miniaturized systems can be realized – from sensor to software.

LUMILOOP provides an isolated, continuous, all-time stable power supply and bi-directional data transfer. Through the patented power control the systems are energy efficient, reliable, eye-safe and in compliance with international laser safety standards. Each system consists of a computer interface connected to a maximum miniaturized sensor interface.

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