Absolute EMC

Absolute EMC LLC. is a North American company specializing in EMC testing knowledge and equipment. We offer consulting services for the use of all EMC test equipment. This includes standards training, equipment training, and system building. We possess extensive background knowledge with all brands and available technologies.

Also offering insight and market knowledge into equipment sales.

EMC & RF Market Knowledge

Within the EMC and RF industries, we offer years of experience in testing, standards development, technical sales, and marketing. This has given our company a unique understanding and perspective. We offer input and guidance to anyone entering or already in the market. READ MORE

Standards & Equipment

Extensive history with all types of EMC test equipment. Training on the setup and use of new and old equipment. Understanding of EMC standards and terminology, what is really is required and needed. From pre-compliance to full compliance requirements. READ MORE

Test Setup Products

Find test accessories and products for compliance testing. Some items are hard to find, come to us and we will make suggestions for you. Find it all here without searching the ends of the earth or having to make it yourself. READ MORE

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