Wavecontrol develops test equipment for the assessment of human exposure to electromagnetic fields. Wavecontrol offers ISO 17025 accredited calibrations and training courses.


  • We produce and provide high-quality professional EMF exposure equipment.
  • For the fastest and most efficient technical service – including ISO 17025 accredited calibrations.
  • Because we care about and listen to our customers and partners.


Field strength meter for EMF exposure

To measure people’s EMF exposure in accordance with ICNIRP, IEC, EN, IEEE, European Directive 2013/35/EU, FCC, Safety Code 6 (2015) and other standards. A unique combination of spectrum analysis, broadband and static field measurements in a single device.


RF and LF Personal Monitor

Personal equipment for the continuous monitoring of workers’ EMF exposure.

  • WaveMon LF-400 monitors H-field at DC and from 10 Hz up to 400 kHz
  • WaveMon RF-8 monitors E-field up to 8 GHz and H-field up to 1 GHz
  • WaveMon RF-60 monitors E-field up to 60 GHz and H-field up to 1 GHz


Continuous EMF monitoring

Continuous monitoring of exposure to electromagnetic fields (non-ionising radiation, NIR) generated by telecommunication facilities or other sources of radiation.


Indoor RF monitoring

Continuous indoor monitoring of EMF exposure. Special version of the MonitEM designed for laboratories, development and production centers, etc.


Electromagnetic maps

Drive test maps of exposure to electromagnetic fields of large areas for a visual presentation of results.

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