Microwave Vision Group

MVG designs, manufactures, supplies and installs rooms and chambers for EMC, RF, Microwave and Antenna testing. We also offer cutting-edge technologies for the visualization of electromagnetic waves. Enhancing the speed and accuracy of wireless connectivity testing, as well as the performance and reliability of anechoic and EMC technologies, our systems are integral to meeting the testing challenges of a fully connected world. MVG provides anechoic chambers and absorbing materials for antenna and EMC measurement and testing as well as RF and EMP shielding. Our SmartShieldTM modular shielding and precision cut and coated absorbers are designed with the flexibility to meet specific customer requirements. Our knowledge gained from over 30 years of experience ensures the high quality and durability of our products and the expertise from our team. For EMC test and measurement solutions we design, manufacture, supply and install shielded enclosures, anechoic chambers, shielded doors, absorbers and more. We can provide exceptional turnkey solutions for the most demanding EMC requirements. At MVG, we produce our antennas with outstanding performance in mind. It begins with a careful design process, alternating between simulations and measurements. It extends through fabrication, using the most advanced machining techniques of quality materials to achieve mechanically tight tolerances. This is why all our antenna specifications are outstanding. It is also why we can guarantee the best electrical performance/ operational bandwidth trade-off in the industry.

EMC-3C Compact Chamber

EMC-5 Anechoic Chamber

EMC-10 Anechoic Chamber

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