NEXIO now has US-based Technical Support!

Since 2003, NEXIO has assembled a team of over 50 technicians, engineers and doctors, able to handle any type of problem oriented on Testing, EMC Design and Simulation, Lightning, RF and RCS. Through a unique platform of products and services, NEXIO has established itself as a major player in the electromagnetism field with large groups of the Aerospace, Automotive, Space and the Electronic Industry areas. NEXIO is organized into Innovations and Training transverse centers and 3 business divisions:

Services and Engineering

Test and Measurement

Simulation Software

Carried out by our 3 agencies, Midi-Pyrenees (2003), Iles de France (2006) and Rhône-Alpes (2011), our services cover the different phases of electronic products development, from the design support through investigation, technical documentation, qualification…

Concerning Test Automation, NEXIO creates, develops and commercializes a wide range of Test and Measure Automation softwares as well as innovative measurement systems such as the near-field scanner. Its flagship BAT-EMC software (1995) is the leader in EMC automation software in France and stands on the podium in Germany.

The NEXIO Group, together with its subsidiary NEXIO Simulation, launches its Electromagnetic Simulation Software range, CAPITOLE-EM, in 2012.

NEXIO shares experiences and always remains at the cutting edge especially thanks to its Innovation center from which our products, our technological expertise and methods are coming from. NEXIO is highly involved in collaborative projects supported by regions, DGA, OSEO, competitiveness Clusters and European projects.

NEXIO is open to the world with customers in more than 25 countries and a presence in Germany (2010), Canada (2011), China (2012).

Beyond technique and business, NEXIO women and men share values and passion that carry out our ambition to succeed in projects with our customers and partners with team spirit, mutual respect and with performance and efficiency requirement.

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